[Undergragduate] Application for Admission Withdrawal & Request for Refund, 2024 Fall Semseter

2024.05.24 Hit 1189


Application for Admission Withdrawal & Request for Refund, 2024 Fall Semseter 


Here are the instructions on how to withdraw admission and return tuition fees for fall semester of 2024 school year. 


★ How to apply: Submit application form of "Admission Withdrawal.Request for Refund" with additional required documents(scanned) via e-mail


★ Application period: ~ Jul. 31. 2024 (Wed.) 15:00 (KST)


※ Please download the form attached to this notice and print, fill out, and sign with your own handwriting

※ Write and submit either the Korean or English version only
※ Submission email address: fore@skku.edu
※ E-mail title setting: application number/Korean name/admission unit/등록 포기 및 등록금 반환 신청



★ Required documents


- Tuition Refund to an account under the applicant's own name

 · A copy of applicant's ID (Foreign ID card or Passport / Copy in color)


Tuition Refund to an account under the applicant's parent's name

 · A copy of applicant's ID (Foreign ID card or passport)

 · A copy of the depositor's ID (Foreigner Registration Card or Passport)

 · A copy of the family relationship certificate stating the relationship between the applicant and the depositor (one of the parents)  


※ If you do not have an alien registration card or passport, you can submit a copy of a translated and notarized local ID card

※ Alien registration card: the back of the registration card with the expiration date marked is also required 

※ We cannot refund tuition, unless it is the applicant's own account or the parent's account 

※ Please use the PDF form provided by our university(do not edit)

   (If the paragraph spacing, table size, etc. are different from the original, we can ask you to resubmit) 

※ Inquiries regarding waiver of registration: Office of International Student Services fore@skku.edu