[2023 Fall Undergraduate] Freshmen Admission Guide

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2023 Fall Undergraduate Freshmen Admission Guide 


1. Major Changes

  1) Online korean language test will be available till 2023 admission (unavailable from the 2024 


  2) 5 majors only recruit freshmen in the Spring Semester (academic year starting in March)

 - Global Economics, Global Business Administration, Theatre, Architecture, Biomedical Egineering


2. Admission Schedule






1st Round

2nd Round






10:00, Feb. 27(Mon) ~

17:00, Mar. 9(Thu), 2023

10:00, May. 08(Mon) ~

17:00, May. 18(Thu), 2023



(Postal only)

Feb. 27(Mon) ~
17:00, Mar. 10(Fri), 2023

Based on the arrival of documents to the Admissions office

May. 08(Mon) ~
17:00, May. 19(Fri), 2023

Based on the arrival of documents to the Admissions office

Individual Korean proficiency



[Korean Track]

Applicant not being able to submit TOPIK score report due to COVID-19 will be invited to Individual online Interview for Korean proficiency evaluation

- Examine whether the criteria for evaluating Korean language proficiency are met through individual online tests

- When filing an application, please select '한국어 온라인 능력시험'

- Applicant who submitted TOPIK score will not be evaluated

- Those who do not have a TOPIK score within the validity period are prohibited from entering the TOPIK score when submitting the application form.

- Candidates will be notified of details and schedule
(Temporary evaluation method due to COVID-19)

Admission Announcement

May. 04 (Thu), 2023

Jul. 07 (Fri), 2023

Start of 2023 Academic

Aug. 28 (Mon), 2023