[2024 Fall Undergraduate] 2nd & 3rd Year Transfer Admission Guide

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 <2024 Fall 2nd/3rd year Transfer admission Guide>

1. Notes

  1) Department in charge has been changed to Office of International Student Services, International affairs

  2) Recruiting only in Korean Track(from 2024 Spring)

  3) Easing the TOPIK qualification for the 3rd year transfer (Level 6 → Level 5 or higher)

  4) Abolishing the requirement to mark the GPA of major subjects in the transcript of the former university

  5) Not accepting the certificates and transcripts for completion of Korean language courses at Korean language institutes

  6) Not granting additional points to those who complete the Korean language course well at the Sungkyun Language Institute

2. Admission Schedule






Date / Period






10:00, May. 20(Mon) ~

17:00, June. 03(Mon), 2024



(Postal only)

May. 20(Mon) ~

17:00, June. 07(Fri), 2024


Based on the arrival of documents to the Office of International Student Services

Admission Announcement 

Jul. 26 (Fri), 2024 

Beginning of fall term 

 Sep. 02 (Mon), 2024 



※ Precautions

  - All the date and time mentioned on the Admission Guide is based on Korean Standard Time.

  - Application submission is due on the last day of the application at 17:00, and modification and edits are not available once submitted.

  - All documents should arrive by the deadline and applicants who fail to submit documents on time may be disadvantaged.

  - For more details, please refer to the attached transfer guide carefully