Campus Life

Graduate Program Scholarship for International Students

1. Admission Scholarship for international students of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Art departments
  • Candidate : international student accepted to Humanities, Social Sciences or Art departments and selected based on the admissions evaluation result
  • Amount : 100%, 70%, 50%, 25% or 10% of admission fee and tuition for the first semester.
2. Merit-based Scholarship for international students during semesters (from the 2nd semester)
  • Qualification and Amount : international student admitted through the International Student admissions track will be nominated based on the GPA of the previous semester
    • · Average GPA 4.5 in the previous semester : 50% tuition waiver
    • · Average GPA 4.2~4.5 in the previous semester : 30% tuition waiver
    • · Average GPA 3.8~4.2 in the previous semester : 20% tuition waiver
3. Scholarships for international students of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Medical departments (STEM)
  • Candidate : selected international student accepted to Natural Sciences, Engineering or Medical departments with qualifications and received recommendations from advising professors at SKKU (※ It is required to contact the advising professor prior to application.)
  • Amount : depends on the result of each department’s evaluation (up to 100% of tuition)
  • Ph.D student can be awarded with extra scholarships for the research enrollment semester
  • Initial settlement fund : ₩600,000 for scholars after admission
  • STEM scholarship continuation requirement: recommendation of the advising professor each semester
4. Graduate School-affiliated Scholarships
  • Qualification : selected international student who graduated from SKKU with outstanding academic records and research performances
  • Amount : partial amount of the tuition fee (including the admission fee)