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SKKU Institute for ConvergenceSpecial & Professional Programs

SKK Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB)

SKK Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) is the first business school in Korea which offers a globalized MBA program. Taught by a world-class faculty in a globalized MBA education environment, SKK GSB program has been ranked #1 in Korea and top 1% in the world since 2012 by The Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. SKK GSB offers Full-Time MBA (daytime), Professional MBA (evening) and Indiana Kelley–SKK GSB Executive MBA (weekend) programs. All programs are taught in English only and offer dual degree opportunities at top U.S business schools. With a truly globalized curriculum, it draws talented students from around the world and produces outstanding graduates.

Location : 90206 International Hall (Seoul Campus)

Phone: +82-2-740-1520

Graduate School of China (GSC)

Launched in 2005, the Graduate School of China has been committed to developing China management professionals who will lead the upcoming Korea-China Business. In order to do so, our school provides a systematic curriculum and special programs such as the Korea-China Graduate Students Economic Forum and In-Depth Field Research to truly understand China through numerous viewpoints. The GSC is the best place for you to realize your vision and we welcome you to live out your dream!

Location : 90212 International Hall (Seoul Campus)

Phone: +82-2-760-15420

Academy of East Asian Studies (AEAS)

The Academy of East Asian Studies was founded to promote national cultures and to reinforce international and mutual understandings through researching traditional cultures and modern issues of East Asia on the basis of Confucianism. Two graduate level educational courses; (1) Graduate School of East Asian Studies (2) Translating Korean Texts in Classical Chinese (Interdisciplinary) based on the academic system which combines research and education, students will broaden their perspectives of countries and become experts with a mind to embrace tradition and modernity.

Location : 4th floor of 600th Anniversary Building

Phone: +82-2-760-0775~8

SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT)

One of the most important missions of SAINT is to educate and train students who will become leaders in the next generation of the industrially advanced country. At the graduate school of Nano Science and Technology, students can develop professionalism in the Nano-technology field, obtaining in-depth knowledge and integration capability through faculties who possess practical business experiences and profound theoretical knowledge about basic science and applied technology in the Nano arena. Also students will be able to have a good command of English and international behaviors through various cultural experiences. Our high quality tutoring system encourages students to learn more about fascinating field.

Location : 83234 Research Complex 2 (Suwon Campus)

Phone: +82-31-299-4113

Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Science and Technology (SAIHST)

With the goal to implement excellent Health Sciences and Technology research via educating convergent-creative professionals in medicine and health industry, SAIHST provides four academic programs; the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, Department of Medical Device Management and Research, Department of Clinical Research Design and Evaluation, and the Department of Digital Health. SAIHST is waiting for the students who will contribute to the better life of mankind, through the innovative improvement of health sciences and technology.

Location : 06351 Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center

Phone : +82-2-2148-7797~8

Graduate School of Governance

Starting from 2008, Graduate School of Governance is proud of having educated future leaders including public officials, lawyers, undersecretaries, computer engineers, and consultants from more than 34 countries. This program is sponsored by KOICA and SKKU. Once admitted, the students get to learn not only highly recognized e-policy and e-government in Korea, but also Korean culture and tradition which will enrich their life in Korea. Academic and traditional atmosphere at SKKU brings out the best potential from each student.

Location : 211 Medical Hall (Suwon Campus)

Phone: +82-2148-9931~2

Graduate School of Clinical Nursing

Answering the high societal demand for a professional nursing workforce, the Graduate School of Clinical Nursing was founded in 2001. It aims to foster clinical specialists with both professional knowledge and practical business skills. In order to achieve this goal, it combines education with theory and practice, and suggests a new model of national nursing education based on collaboration between hospitals and academic institutions. Please call or visit us if you want to know more about our program.

Location : 211 Medical Hall (Suwon Campus)

Phone : +82-2148-9931~2